Brian T.

Moderator, Journalist, Korrespondent, Englisch

Der Amerikaner ist den Zuschauern des englischen Programms von DW TV seit vielen Jahren als Moderator bekannt. Er präsentiert die Nachrichtensendung Journal und hat politische Magazine des deutschen Auslandssenders moderiert.

Er moderiert in englisch und deutsch und hält eine feine Balance zwischen Seriosität, journalistischem Anspruch und lockerer „amerikanischer“ Art.

Prior to coming to Berlin for the start up of DW´s 24 hour international news programme, Journal, Brian Th. hosted and reported for the network´s political magazines produced in the EU capital, Brussels.
Brian Thomas´s keen interest in the shaping of the international events that ultimately effect the course of our daily lives, from how we think to what we eat, range from forums that include parliaments and newsrooms to political working groups and university classrooms.

Among other assignments he´s worked as a news director for Oregon Public Broadcasting and covered regional and local news in the US for various affiliates, including NBC.
„There is no question that my experience in these two important capitals gives me a well balanced and behind the scenes knowledge of events that we report on regularly in the Journal. I think that experience helps me, as an anchor, put the news coming out of the EU-capital and out of Berlin in a perspective that makes sense for our international viewers“, Thomas said.


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